Hi, I’m Deidré Bramble.
Type 2 Diabetes Survivor.
Experienced Podiatrist.
Gestational Diabetes Overcomer.
Proud Woman of Colour From The Caribbean,
International  Speaker and Podcaster,
Supporting Those Struggling With All Types of Diabetes.

Being a Diabetic person can feel depressing, confusing and isolating… but you are not alone.
You need a online Diabetes community that understands your unique perspective.
You need to know from an expert just how to protect Diabetic feet.
You need to be able to express your worries and fears surrounding Diabetes in a non-judgemental, open forum.

Aren’t you tired of feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the lack of information available?
Aren’t you wondering how to live a healthy life despite your Diabetes diagnosis?

My Story

I have Type 2 Diabetes.

My recent diagnosis in 2021, filled me with sadness, dread, and frustration. As a Podiatrist, I know all the logic and education surrounding Type 2 Diabetes, however, the realisation of it actually personally affecting me, was a hard pill to swallow.

I now have first-hand knowledge and experience about what it means to live courageously with Type 2 Diabetes. As I move forward, I plan to use my own diabetic journey and  struggle as leverage to positively change those living with  Prediabetes  health directions.

I don’t want you all to have to unnecessarily juggle the effects of Type 2 Diabetes, when there is still a chance to get your health back on track. Now, more than ever, I am fully committed to creating a safe, judgement free zone of qualified information, education and support to those of you who are bewildered and frightened by your own grim diabetic news.

Diabetes tragically ended his life!

My grandfather battled Diabetes with little to no support, and it cost him his life. It is through this unfortunate experience that I developed an intense passion for educating, supporting and guiding people of Caribbean and African descent on their quest to conquer Diabetes. Throughout  my extensive market research, certain questions continued to resurface.
Why is Diabetes more common in minorities?
What happens to your feet when you have Diabetes?
What does being pre-diabetic mean for me?
How can I still live my best life as a diabetic?
After experiencing Gestational Diabetes myself, I was appalled at the lack of information available for people who specifically looked like me. The lack of cultural representation amongst the different online Diabetes support groups made it difficult for minorities to open up and feel comfortable about their true struggles and concerns.  It became clear that there is a need for a safe-haven that is full of thoughtful advice, detailed education and open dialogue for Diabetic-related health topics.
I look forward to connecting with you!
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